Memo and Kalpana from our Diocesan Metropolitan

The following is a Memo and Kalpana issued by our Diocesan Metropolitan, who is currently in Kerala, India

Blessings to our Very Reverend Chor Episcopoi, Reverend Fathers, Reverend Deacons, and faithful of our Northeast American Diocese!

Dearly beloved,

We issue this memo, and Kalpana (click here to read) from our beloved home of Kerala, India. The devastation caused by the flooding is something we do not recall ever seeing. Our own ancestral home in Mepral has been flooded, and we have been forced to evacuate from there. Thank God, we are safe with our family.

We would like to inform our Vicars and Diocesan Assembly delegates, with consultation of our Diocesan Council, the Diocese has donated an initial amount of $10,000.00 to the Kerala Flood Relief Efforts, as per the Kalpana of His Holiness the Catholicos of the East.

We are a first-hand witness to the chaos, destruction, and suffering of our people. Seeing the pictures and videos of effects of the flooding must move our Diocese to raise over $150,000.00 for relief efforts for our home state. God has brought each of us from Kerala to this land of opportunities. This is a time we must respond with the blessings God has given to us.

All of our parishes are directed to reach out to your local communities and generate awareness of what is happening to our homeland. We must engage them, and encourage them in participating in relief efforts.

May the Lord God preserve and save our home state of Kerala, India!

Yours in our Lord,

Zachariah Nicholovos, Metropolitan

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