Shehimo Prayers to be Released

Blessings to the Vicars, Assistant Vicars and faithful of the Northeast American Diocese!

Dearly beloved,

The Northeast American Diocese has been offering our full cooperation and support for Liturgical Translations initiative taken up by the Diocese of South-West America. This team is comprised of clergy from both dioceses, who are well versed in Syriac, Malayalam, and English, as well as the liturgical music of the West Syriac tradition.

They have done excellent work in the development of many of our liturgical hymns which have been only available to us in Syriac or Malayalam. Such hymns have already been used in our Diocese during such celebrations as Christmas, Holy Week, and Pentecost, to name a few.

Another project that is now available for distribution is the Shehimo Namaskaram in English (hymn form). These Shehimo prayers have been used during many of our Family & Youth Conferences, and MGOCSM programs. This has strengthened the love for our liturgical worship among the English speaking population in our Diocese.

The Ministry of Liturgical Resource Development, under the leadership of the South-West Diocese is now taking pre-orders from all parishes in North America for the Shehimo (Book of Common Prayer). Please find the attached letter and flowchart for more information on the pre-order process.

The point of contact for this project will be the MGOCSM Council Members of our Diocese. The contact information of each area council member can also be found in the attachment. Please encourage our faithful to purchase the Shehimo (Book of Common Prayer), so that it may spiritually edify them, and reveal the beauty of our liturgical worship.

For any questions or clarifications, please email

Yours in our Lord,

Zachariah Nicholovos, Metropolitan

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