MGOCSM Campus Ministry & Alumni Surveys

The MGOCSM of our Diocese continues to gain momentum under the leadership of our MGOCSM Council, and the cooperation of all of our clergy. The MGOCSM Council is sending out two surveys to compile information on our College/University Students, and MGOCSM Alumni.

The first survey is in preparation for the upcoming academic year, to collect information on where our students are studying for their higher education, especially those who are far from our churches. This directory will assist the MGOCSM to connect our youth to other Orthodox Christians around their campuses, and also to assist us in providing them with spiritual resources and opportunities for fellowship.

Please complete the Campus Ministry survey here:

The second survey relates to the MGOCSM Alumni. The MGOCSM of our Diocese has grown tremendously due to the foundation laid by our clergy, and many lay leaders. The MGOCSM Council is attempting to compile a directory of all MGOCSM Alumni in our Diocese. The compilation of this directory is a step toward cultivating more programs for the growth of our youth in our Diocese, create platforms for guidance in academics, career/internship advising, sponsoring youth to participate in the various spiritual ministries of our Church, to name a few.

Please complete the MGOCSM Alumni survey here:

The purpose for compiling such information through both surveys are of utmost importance. Hence, the prayerful cooperation of our clergy and faithful in completing these surveys is anticipated.

Click here to read the Kalpana.

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