Soutoro on Tuesday



O you the slain, who by your slaying slew the evil one and death which slew Adam, slay the sin which dwells in me and makes me its slave by my own will. O Good Shepherd, who went in search of the sheep which had strayed from the flock and was lost, seek for me who am lost like the one coin out of ten which the woman had lost, because you are he who finds those who are lost; and I will cry and say: glory to Him who makes His servants return, halleluia, praise to Him.

Glory be to the Father...

The world is a sea where all the waves of iniquity and impiety rise. Lord, our Lord, help us as you helped your disciples. Come, let us prayer, for behold our ship is near to sinking; let us call on Jesus, the pilot of peace, that He may keep us from the storms of destruction and be to us in His compassion the skilled helmsman, who will bring our ship to the harbor full of calm, halleluia, and we will praise His name.

B'outho of Mar Jacob

Moriyo rahem melain oo aa darein. We call upon you, Lord our Lord, come to our help; hear our petition and have mercy on our souls.

The sinner is loved when his face is bathed in tears and his mouth is closed by sorrowful mourning full of pain; precious gems are not so much loved as the drops which flow from the eyes of him who repents.

If you wish to paint a picture of repentance, you will not mix good colors except with tears. Tears are a great feast of repentance; bring them and come wand enjoy forgiveness.

Answer, Lord, answer, Lord, and have mercy upon us; and turn the hearts of the sons of men to repentance.

Compline Psalms, Prayer of St. Severus & Praise of the Cherubim

The Nicene Creed


The above selected prayers are taken from the Book of Common of the Syrian Church, otherwise known as the Shimo Namaskaram as translated by Bede Griffiths from Syriac to English.  A full copy of the rich prayers of our tradition can be purchased directly from the publishers at Gorgias Press.