Soutoro on Thursday



Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger, sang David, and do not punish us in your wrath, cried the prophet; for God is merciful at all times and he does not desire that the image which His hands created should perish.

Glory be to the Father...

Let Him who comes to the holy temple to pray cleanse His body and soul from evil; then the Lord will hear his prayers and petitions and have compassion on him on the Day of Judgment.

B'outho of Mar Jacob

Moriyo rahem melain oo aa darein We call upon you, Lord our Lord, come to our help, hear our petition and have mercy on our souls.

Forgive me my sins, he taught you to say, when you pray; He desires to forgive, and for this He has taught you what you should say to Him; if His face were not turned towards forgiveness, He would not say that you should say to Him, forgive me my fault.

Praise to the Father, who by the Son taught us to pray; worship to the Son, who prayed in passion for us; thanksgiving to the Holy Spirit, who receives prayers and responds to all fair requests.

Compline Psalms, Prayer of St. Severus & Praise of the Cherubim

The Nicene Creed


The above selected prayers are taken from the Book of Common of the Syrian Church, otherwise known as the Shimo Namaskaram as translated by Bede Griffiths from Syriac to English.  A full copy of the rich prayers of our tradition can be purchased directly from the publishers at Gorgias Press.