Sapro on Wednesday


Morning Psalms


With the holy virgin who bore you in virginity, make us worthy to sing praise to you, Lord God.

With the true prophets, who prophesied about your coming, make us worthy to sing praise to you, Lord God.

With the martyrs and confessors, who endured torments and afflictions, make us worthy to sing praise to you, Lord God.

With the great Basil and the noble Gregory, make us worthy to sing praise to you, Lord God.

With the five wise virgins, who did not put out their lamps, make us worthy to sing praise to you, Lord God.

With the thief, who believed in You and You promised him Paradise, make us worthy to sing praise to you, Lord God.

Glory be to the Father... Now and ever...

With the angels in heaven, who do not cease from praise, make us worthy to sing praise to you, Lord God. Amen

Psalm 113


May Mary, who bore You, and John, who baptized You, intercede for us with You, have mercy upon us. Stomen Kalos, Kurieleison


Light has arisen in the darkness for the upright

At the time when the light appears and takes away the veil of darkness, heaven and earth worship you, Lord, the pair who were made all at once, the one a firmament above the waters, and the air was stretched between them, a bridal-chamber which arose in the twinkling of an eye; glory to you, for your creation.

Of the Mother of God

While Mary was standing in prayer and making supplication before God, an angel of fire descended beside her, clothed in flame, and said to her: peace be with you, palace in which the Son of the King dwells; he took from you poverty, when he who is rich dwelt in your womb, that he might satisfy the hunger of the nations.

Of the Saints

I am the true light, said our Lord to his disciples, and everyone who walks in light the darkness shall not overtake. Blessed are the holy apostles, who walked in the light of Christ; behold their memories are celebrated from end to end of the earth; may their prayers be a stronghold to us.

Of a Saint

The faithful Church shall rejoice in you, and shall sing praise in your memory because you gave joy to Christ our God, holy Mar (X); He shall give you joy in His kingdom with the just and righteous; give joy on your holy festival to the congregation, which has celebrated your memory, by visiting it with your help.

Of Repentance

God, who do not keep your mercy from sinners who approach you, keep and remove from us in your compassion the scourge and rods of wrath; give us months of joy and years of abundance and cast down the enemy before us by the great sign of your cross; that we may give thanks to you for your grace.

Of the Departed

Give rest and remembrance to our fathers and brothers who have fallen asleep and set your worshippers in the companies and in the ranks of your saints; when you sit on your seat of judgment and divide the good from the evil, let them behold your compassion at the seat of judgment and stand at your right hand on the day when your majesty appears.


The rich among the people shall seek your race with offerings, halleluia and halleluia, all the beauty of the kings daughter is within. The virgins who are her companions shall follow after her, halleluia and halleluia, they shall go in joy and gladness.

Glory be to the Father... Now and forever...


Peace be with you, virgin pure and holy, peace be with you, pearl without stain; peace be with you, who bore the mighty one who carries the creation; all generations shall call you greatly blessed forever and ever. Stomen Kalos, Kurieleison


I will bless the Lord at all times and at all seasons.
Blessed is Christ who chose you, Mary, daughter of David, from all generations of the world, and took flesh from you and appeared on earth as a son of man subject to passion, when he was God. Glory to Him who so abased His majesty for our sakes, and magnified and exalted the memory of His mother in the four quarters of the earth.

Glory be to the Father...

Glory to you, God, the Word of life, who of your own will took flesh of the blessed Mary, who was pure and holy in soul and in body; she conceived you without marriage and brought you forth beyond all telling; without the seed of man she conceived of the Holy Spirit.

B'outho of Mar Jacob

Moriyo rahem melain oo aa darein. Make us to share, Lord, in the memory of your mother and of your saints; by their prayers have pity on us, Lord, and on our departed.

Blessed are you, Mary, for you were represented in a mystery by that ark which Moses made as a symbol; in it were the tables of the Law written by God, but in you, Mary, was the bread of life in truth.

Blessed are the dead who have slept and rested in peace; the flesh of the Son is buried with them as a pledge; he will cast down the walls of Sheol for them with violence and they will hear his voice and will go forth to meet him with speed.

Son, who were born of the daughter of David in the flesh, pour fourth your mercy on your flock in abundance.

Closing Prayer of Sapro



The above selected prayers are taken from the Book of Common of the Syrian Church, otherwise known as the Shimo Namaskaram as translated by Bede Griffiths from Syriac to English.  A full copy of the rich prayers of our tradition can be purchased directly from the publishers at Gorgias Press.