Sapro on Monday


Morning Psalms


I have come before you and I have worshipped before your throne; Lord of heaven, pardon me all that I have sinned against you.

I beg of you and I long for your mercy, good and gentle one; pardon me all that I have sinned against you.

Light and Son of Light, abiding in light and dwelling in light, make me worthy of that light which the darkness does not overtake.

The world saw your light and was gladdened when it was in gloom, and behold it sings praise with its children forever.

I have sinned, Lord, and you have not taken vengeance on me; I repent and you have received me; may your mercy be oved towards me, and pardon me all that I have sinned against you.

I have received, Lord, your body, and by your blood my offences have been pardoned; do not leave me in Sheol, you who are the resurrection of the children of Adam.

Glory be to the Father... Now and ever...

Glory to you, our Lord, whose praise is in heaven and on earth; those in heaven and those on earth praise your name.

Psalm 113


Awaken me, Lord, to the voice of praise by the mouth of the angels, that I may sing your praise in the morning; I have opened my mouth to sing praise, that I may give thanks; my Lord and my God, have mercy upon me. Stomen Kalos, Kurieleison


Rich and poor together.

In the morning let us hasten to prayer like Abraham to the sacrifice; that on the great morning which is to come we may see Christ and He may say to us: Come in peace, good and trusty servants, come, enter and inherit the kingdom and life which does not pass away.

Of the Mother of God

From the Father the Lord came forth to us and from the daughter of David the Savior, and from Bethlehem the bread of life for the people who believed in Him; worshipful is the Father who sent His Son, blessed is Mary who bore Him, blessed is the Church who received Him and behold she sings praise.

Of the Saints

Our Lord Jesus sent twelve physicians to the four corners of the creation, and thus he said to them: drive out devils from men and heal those who are sick; freely you received the gift, freely give of it.

Of a Saint

Blessed are you, blessed father, noble Mar (X), whom the evil world did not stain with all its pleasures; like a bird you escaped from its snares and fled to the desert and were delivered, and the day of your remembrance is honored in heaven and on earth.

Of Repentance

From the pit of misery and the mire of corruption and the outer darkness deliver us, Lord; when the judgement takes place and the martyrs receive their crowns, may we enter with them into the marriage-chamber and sing praise to you.

Of the Departed

Let us remember our fathers, who taught us when they were living to be children of God in this passing world; may the Son of God give them rest in the kingdom of heaven with the just and the righteous, in the world which does not pass.


Hear my words, O Lord, and consider my meditation, halleluia, hear the voice of my cry, my king and my God. In the morning I prepared myself to appear before You, halleluia, because You are a God who takes no pleasure in wickedness.

Glory be to the Father... Now and forever...


Sons of the Father in heaven, you who do the will of the Lord, praise Him and thank Him and exalt Him and bless Him forever and ever. Stomen Kalos, Kurieleison


In the morning the trumpets sounded and the walls of Jericho fell; while the people of Israel cried, the Lord is God. In the morning lift up your voices, my brothers, and sing praise to God, that He may have mercy on the whole world.

Glory be to the Father...

Glory to the heavenly physician who descended from the heights to the depths, that He might heal the diseases and the sickness of the race of Adam; the lepers met Him and were cleansed, the blind and they saw the light, and the sinful woman who approached Him received forgiveness.

B'outho of Mar Jacob

Moriyo rahem melain oo aa darein. Open to us, Lord, your great door full of mercy, hear our prayer and have mercy on our souls.

Shine upon me, Lord, and I shall be light like the day; I will sing your praise in light while I marvel; may the morning awaken me to the praise of your Godhead and I will pursue the study of your word all the day.

Behold the morning brings a pure incense to offer to you; may we also offer all the thanksgiving which is due to you. At your command the sleep of night has passed from us, make to pass with it the sin which afflicts and wounds us.

Light which gives life to all creatures at the time of morning, give light to our minds that they may thank You, Lord, for Your grace.

Closing Prayer of Sapro



The above selected prayers are taken from the Book of Common of the Syrian Church, otherwise known as the Shimo Namaskaram as translated by Bede Griffiths from Syriac to English.  A full copy of the rich prayers of our tradition can be purchased directly from the publishers at Gorgias Press.