Ramsho on Tuesday


Evening Psalms


Lord God my salvation
Be to my soul a guardian, Lord God, because I walk among the snares of pleasure every day; deliver my soul from faults and save me by your grace, for you are a lover of men.

Of the Mother of God

Gabriel few on the wings of the spirit and came to Mary and gave her the greeting of peace which was sent to her, and hus he spoke to her. Peace be with you, the Lord is with you, and from you shall come forth the Savior of the whole creation.

Of the Saints

Blessed is He, who built the holy Church on the palm of His hands, and placed as its foundations the prophets, apostles, and holy martyrs and assembled and filled her with all peoples; and behold, they offer praise in her by night and by day.

Of a Saint

You are a good example, Mar (X), to all who look upon you, of watching and fasting and praying by night and by day; let everyone imitate you, who seeks to be enriched by the Good One, whose treasure house lies open.

Of the Church

You are blessed, O Church, to whom the word of the Son is a protection, and the bars of Sheol shall not prevail against you henceforth forever. He gave you His flesh to eat and His blood, the chalice of salvation, in pardon for your children.

Of Repentance

Behold, I knock at the door of your mercy, that I may receive forgiveness, for the evil one by his craft has kept me from the path of life, and has kept my mouth from praise and my feet from the holy temple; have pity, you who are a lover of men.

Of the Departed

Of all the departed who descended to be clothed in you in baptism, who ate your flesh and drank your blood and slept in your hope, make memory, Lord, here and above in heaven, and give rest to their spirits.


Bless the Lord, my soul, halleluia, and all my bones bless His holy name. Who forgives you all your iniquity, halleluia, and heals all your diseases.


The wicked cry from the midst of the fire like the rich man; they ask for a drop of water and none gives what they ask; greater is your compassion than our iniquity, O Good one and Son of the Good; do not allow the fire that lasts forever to lay hold on your image. Stomen Kalos, Kurielaison.


Blessed is he who has given us an evening of peace and a night of repose, when the weary laborers rest and offer praise to the Father who created us in compassion, to the Son who redeemed us by His cross and to the Holy Spirit.

Glory be to the Father...

Take up your harps, my brothers, and sing praise, as David the king took his harp inspired by the Holy Spirit; beg of our Lord in prayer that He may make His calm and peace dwell in the four quarters of the earth.

B'outho of Mar Jacob

Moriyo rahem melain oo aa darein. We all upon you, Lord our Lord, come to our help; hear our petition and have mercy on our souls.

The Son of God will come to the judgment and to the trial. Who will not be afraid of the dread judge when He comes? He judges by fire and has a rod of flame, and by fire he separates the just from the wicked.

He will try the whole world like gold in a crucible; and where the fire finds any impurity, it begins to burn it. Be in fear, my brethren, of this coming of the Son of God; let every man hasten to take refuge in repentance.

Christ the King, before whom the defects of my being are revealed; in the hour when you judge me, have mercy on me.

Concluding Prayer



The above selected prayers are taken from the Book of Common of the Syrian Church, otherwise known as the Shimo Namaskaram as translated by Bede Griffiths from Syriac to English.  A full copy of the rich prayers of our tradition can be purchased directly from the publishers at Gorgias Press.