Lilio on Tuesday


Awaken us, Lord, from our sleep in the sloth of sin that we may praise your watchfulness, you who watch and do not sleep; give life to our death in the sleep of death and corruption, that we may adore your compassion, you who live and do not die; grant us in the glorious company of the angels who praise you in heaven, to praise you and bless you in holiness, because you are praised and blessed in heaven and on earth, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and always for ever, Amen.

Midnight Psalms


Awake, sinner, while you have time for repentance; with tears and sighs cleanse and purify your stains.

If you wish that your offences should be forgiven swiftly, call with passion upon God and he will forgive you your fault.

Let soul and body appease you, Lord, by repentance, while they cry with passion and say: Lord of all, glory to you.

May the right hand of the Lord, which divided the sea before the host, open the door of mercy to our prayers and our petitions.

On the day when the throne of your majesty is set up, judge of all, that you may judge the peoples and the nations, have compassion on me in your mercy, Lord of all.

Let our departed dwell in tabernacles of light with your saints, where there reigns neither death nor pain nor grief.

Glory be to the Father... Now and ever...

A new praise and a pure thanksgiving we offer to you, and to you we cry: Lord of all, to you be praise

Kurielaison, Kurielaison, Kurielaison.



The virgin has called me to tell her story, and I am full of wonder; grant me your wonder, Son of God, and enrich my lyre with your gifts, that I may fashion an image of your mother, full of wonder.

Kurielaison, Kurielaison, Kurielaison. Lord have mercy upon us, Lord be kind and have mercy, Lord answer us and have mercy upon us. Glory be to you, our Lord; glory be to you, our Lord; glory be to you, our hope for ever. Barekmor


The queens is at your right hand, halleluia

Behold, your name, Mary, is honored in the four quarters; who would not magnify your memory, when Christ has magnified you? Palace of holiness in which the king descended and came to dwell, new heaven which carried God the Word; in your arms you embraced the flames and you gave milk to the devouring fire; blessed is he, the infinite, who was born of you.

Glory be to the Father... Now and ever...

Blessed are you, the pride of the whole creation, virgin pure and holy, mother of the Most High, because the Word of the Father was pleased to take flesh from you, and was born from your purity and preserved your virginity; blessed are you, because by you was uprooted the curse of our first mother, and through you we have won salvation; may your prayer assist us.

B'outho of Mar Jacob

Moriyo rahem melain oo aa darein May your prayer be with us, blessed one, may your prayer be with us; may the Lord hear your prayers and have pity on us.

Who is this virgin who stands above the course of the world and will not suffer the darkness to rule over the creation? It is Mary, who in her person is like the day, and when she speaks the sun rises from her lips.

May that veil, which shed life on the pathway of the world, make intercession and offer our prayers before God; she says to her Lord and her Son and her God; have pity on the world for which you endured passion.

By the prayer of her who carried you for nine months, Son of God, remove from us the scourge of wrath.

Praise of the Cherubim



Blessed be the Strong one, who strengthened the blessed martyrs; blessed be he who has honored the day of their deaths, and magnified them in the four corners of the earth; blessed is he who poured our the fullness of his love into their hearts.

Kurielaison, Kurielaison, Kurielaison. Lord have mercy upon us, Lord be kind and have mercy, Lord answer us and have mercy upon us. Glory be to you, our Lord; glory be to you, our Lord; glory be to you, our hope for ever. Barekmor


Oh why, merciful Lord, do you look upon the just being persecuted and disregard your servants? Isaiah was sawn by a wooden saw, and David was persecuted; Daniel was cast into the den and John was slain; Zachariah was scarified beside the holy altar, and Shamouni and her children in the court of justice; you, who do justice to the oppressed, have pity and mercy upon us.

Glory be to the Father... Now and ever...

When the martyrs entered the court of justice before the judges, they were clothed in the armor of the spirit of him who was crucified; their minds were strengthened with faith and they looked on tortures and torments and were not shaken or terrified; they conquered on earth and triumphed in heaven and behold they are become a stronghold for our souls. Under their wings keep us, Jesus full of mercy.

B'outho of Mar Ephrem

Moriyo rahem melain oo aa darein Lord have mercy on us by the prayer of your servants.

May the prophets who spoke of you by the Spirit, the apostles who announced your revelation, the martyrs who died for your love, intercede with you; have mercy on us.

Pray for us, holy ones, to him whose will you did, that he may withdraw and remove from us the scourge and rod of wrath.

Lord have mercy on us by the prayers of your servants.

Praise of the Cherubim



Woe to me, who have been in the company of the just and have not profited, because I have not learned their ways; I have become a stranger to their festivals, and behold my evil deeds drive me from their ranks.

Kurielaison, Kurielaison, Kurielaison. Lord have mercy upon us, Lord be kind and have mercy, Lord answer us and have mercy upon us. Glory be to you, our Lord; glory be to you, our Lord; glory be to you, our hope for ever. Barekmor


The harp of the Holy Spirit, halleluia.

David the son of Jesse called me by his psalms and awakened me from the sleep in which my limbs were laid; he said to me: rise up, O man, why do you sleep? In the middle of the night a bribe is offered to the judge. Stand up and prayer and beg for pardon, for by tears your Lord is appeased and his door is open to the penitent by night and by day.

Glory be to the Father... Now and ever...

By night David sang before God psalms of the Holy Spirit on the strings of his lyre; and by night I have also risen to praise your name on account of your good deeds which you have done for our race; you created me in your image and likeness, and endowed me with free will, and showed me the fair beauty of the works of your fingers.

B'outho of Mar Balai

Moriyo rahem melain oo aa darein You who have compassion on sinners have compassion on us on the day of your judgment

At your door, compassionate one, those who are afflicted knock; answer their requests in your mercy.

Our Father in heaven, we beseech you, receive our service and have mercy upon us.

Lord of those above and hope of those below, receive our service and have mercy upon us.

Halleluia, Magnificat, Psalms of Lilio, Commemoration of Saints


You are a wise physician, O Mar (X), to whom our Lord gave authority to heal the afflicted; behold our congregation takes refuge in the sanctuary of your bones; by your prayers may all our requests be answered, health for those who are sick, relief for those who are oppressed and return for those who are far away, and for us forgiveness of sins.

Glory be to the Father... Now and ever...

Until the day of your coming, Lord, let not the memory of the chosen Mar (X), pass away from the Church and her children; on his account let special praise ascend in the churches and monasteries and in the four quarters of the earth; from the Watchers on high shall ascend praise and from men on earth thanksgiving to your worshipful and holy name, which exalts its worshippers.

B'outho of Mar Jacob

>Moriyo rahem melain oo aa darein Lord, have mercy upon us; Lord, receive our service.

By night let those below praise you, watching with those above, and let them raise the voice of their praise to the Watcher who never sleeps.

Let us not be drowned in the sin as in sleep, my beloved; let us watch at the door of the bridegroom, that with him we may enter the bridal chamber.

Glory to you, creator of the days and nights, who have wakened us to praise you and your Father and your Holy Spirit.

Hymn of the Angels

Closing Prayer of Lilio



The above selected prayers are taken from the Book of Common of the Syrian Church, otherwise known as the Shimo Namaskaram as translated by Bede Griffiths from Syriac to English.  A full copy of the rich prayers of our tradition can be purchased directly from the publishers at Gorgias Press.