Third Hour on Wednesday



Blessed is blessed Mary, the mother who brought forth God, and on her knees bore and carried him who is the lamb of God, and she was not harmed by his radiance nor by the fervour of his fire, because his strength supported her and she carried him, to who chariot, which carries him, the cherubim are yoked.

Glory be to the Father...

By the three mysteries the Church taught a lesson to unbelievers, a tree, a rock, and a fish, which grave unaccustomed fruit; the tree brought forth a lamb, the rock flowed with water and the fish gave forth a coin; these reprove him who doubts child-bearing of these blessed virgin.

B'outho of Mar Jacob

Moriyo rahem melain oo aa darein. May your prayer be with us, blessed on, may your prayer be with us; may the Lord hear your prayers and have pity on us.

With wonder will I speak concerning Mary, while I wonder at the great height to which the daughter of the depths ascended; grace made the Son descend to her, and she found favor, so as to become the mother of the Son of God.

In whom indeed shall I dwell but in the gentle and humble? He looked upon her and dwelt in her who was humble among the children of men; for no one was ever so humble as Mary, and it is manifest that none was ever so exalted as she was..

By the prayers of her who carried you for nine months, Son of God, remove from us the scourge of wrath.



The above selected prayers are taken from the Book of Common of the Syrian Church, otherwise known as the Shimo Namaskaram as translated by Bede Griffiths from Syriac to English.  A full copy of the rich prayers of our tradition can be purchased directly from the publishers at Gorgias Press.