Third Hour on Saturday



Pardon your priests, Lord, halleluia
May the priest and deacons, who served you, Lord, in the churches and the monasteries in their life time at your holy altar, at which they carried in their hands your body and your innocent blood for the pardon of their offences, have their offences pardoned by your body and their sins forgiven by your blood, and may they cry at your right hand, glory to you, O Lord.

Glory be to the Father...

Lovely is the word of our Lord which he spoke to simon, the head of the apostles, concerning the priesthood: behold, I have made you the master of the house and I have given into yourhands the heys of the heights, and the depths, that you may bind and loose; if you bind, I will bind, and if you loose, I will loose, and if your pray for sinners your petition shall be heard.

B'outho of Mar Jacob

Moriyo rahem melain oo aa darein. Give rest to your priest among the just, Son of God, in that kingdom which has no end among the saints.

Death has trodden the glory of the priests in the dwelling of Sheol and has gathered the splendor of the deacons into her citadel; the friends of the bridegroom in the Church are become today dust in Sheol and the sound of their harps is silent and has ceased.

May the priest, who have departed, rejoice with you, Son of God, and may they be gladded by you, whe you come in the glory of you Father; may our brothers and our teachers, who have passed from us, sit down in your kingdom with your saints.

Christ, who are the Lord of priests and the great high priests, who served your mysteries, glory to you.



The above selected prayers are taken from the Book of Common of the Syrian Church, otherwise known as the Shimo Namaskaram as translated by Bede Griffiths from Syriac to English.  A full copy of the rich prayers of our tradition can be purchased directly from the publishers at Gorgias Press.