Former Metropolitans

St. James, Brother of Our Lord Jesus Christ A bishop is considered to be the successor to the Apostles in the service and hierarchy of the Church. Therefore the bishop is believed to serve in place and as a type of Christ for the Church but in Orthodoxy no bishop is considered to be without wrong. They are responsible for maintaining the unity of the Church throughout the world by insuring the truth and unity of the faith and practice of their diocese. The metropolitan is responsible for these factors as well but they are also head of the parishes which is part of their diocese or archdiocese. The metropolitan is the go to for all lower orders of clergy. In Orthodoxy, no divide service can be conducted without a ruling bishop's authorization and all former Orthodox Metropolitans upheld these codes strictly.


1979 - 1993


His Grace Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios

1993 - 2011


His Grace Mathews Mar Barnabas